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As an Athletic Trainer, you understand the need for quality foot orthotics and foot support to assist your teams in managing lower musculoskeletal problems. When it comes to keeping your players performing at their best and keeping them out on the field, prevention is key. That means addressing these lower musculoskeletal concerns before they become problems. Whether you work with high school, college, or professional athletes, Fastech has foot support products and services that can help you and your team.

The Fastech program is affordable, leaving more room in your budget for other expenses while also making your athletes more comfortable. With the proper foot support your players will be feeling better and ready to give it their all.


With our extensive line of foot support solutions, you will be able to offer your athletes the best!

Full Orthotic Program

We provide you with all the equipment, supplies, and training necessary for you and your staff to make and dispense custom foot orthotics in minutes


Allows you to mold the Fastech orthotic in your facility and send it to our lab for completion

Fastech Orthotics are not one sport specific. We work with some of the top athletes in football, tennis, baseball, volleyball, and many more!

Ready to get going with Fastech? Simply give us a call at

1 (800) 351-FOOT or click to fill out the form below.



—  Jodi McConnell MS, ATC
Elon University

"We have been using the Fastech Orthotic System for over a year and have had nothing but positive results. The system is easy to use, provides quality orthotics to our student-athletes, and the Fastech staff is incredibly helpful. The cost effectiveness of this system makes it an easy solution for the foot support needs of our Division 1 student-athletes."

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