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Fastech NXT Step Custom Insole

We developed our NxtStep Custom Insoles because of your feedback. As you know, anyone can benefit from proper foot support, that is why we offer everything from a fully custom orthotic to a prefabricated insole. NxtStep Custom Insoles are the perfect combination of the two: completely custom like a full orthotic and affordable like a prefabricated insole.


NxtStep Insoles are still 100% custom molded to your foot with our Fastech system but require no posting. In just 5 minutes you can have a completely custom insole for your shoe.


Meet our Mold and Go Solution!

Fastech NXT Step Custom Orthotic Profile

No Posting Needed

Fastech NxtStep Insoles are topped with EVA or Suede and have a Karbon bottom that allows the molded arch to hold its shape even without posting.


Now With SmartCells

Fastech NxtStep Insoles are also available with our SmartCells Cushioning Technology, which provides extra cushion and maximum energy return.

Ready to place an order or get things started?

Give us a call at 1 (800) 351-FOOT or click to contact us below.

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