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What is a Fastech custom orthotic?

A Fastech custom orthotic is molded directly to your foot, then placed inside of your shoe. The orthotic positions your foot into the proper bio-mechanical alignment to make sure your body is functioning at it’s best! The proper foot and arch support will help relieve pain in your feet, heels, knees and throughout your body.


Who needs custom foot orthotics?
Everyone can benefit from proper foot support! If you suffer from foot, shin, knee, hip or back pain you will definitely feel the benefits of a Fastech orthotic. We work with specialty retailers, chiropractors, athletic trainers, podiatrists, and a host of professionals who provide prescription orthotics and shoe insoles for their patients.


Do I have to have a problem to benefit from foot orthotics?
Nope! Anyone can benefit from the support and cushion that our orthotics and insoles provide. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to put their best foot forward.



How can Fastech orthotics help me?
Fastech orthotics support your foot and ankle during weight-bearing movements like walking, running, skiing, or anything else you may be up to! These custom orthotics and insoles help align your foot and body providing stability and comfort to every step. A properly aligned foot allows for more even weight distribution, significantly reducing your pain and discomfort and helping to prevent injuries like shin splints.

What is special about Fastech orthotics and insoles?
Our orthotics and insoles are made from the best materials available. They are made with your actual foot, no scans or plaster molds, so you know when you purchase a Fastech orthotic what you’re getting is 100% you. Fastech products were first developed to custom fit ski boots. The use of these products quickly spread to other athletic needs because of their superior characteristics in reducing foot pain, heel pain, lower back pain as well as shin splints and other athletic related discomfort and injuries. Fastech insoles and orthotics are in use today in every major professional sport and in over fifty top college athletic programs. Fastech is also the only company to offer SmartCells!

Do Fastech orthotics and insoles require special shoes?
The truth is the better the shoe, the better the orthotic works. The orthotic or insole supports the foot and the shoe supports the orthotic or insole. A Fastech orthotic or insole can be made to fit easily in most shoes, but shoes with removable insoles or inserts work best. The best example of this type of shoe is a comfort shoe designed for walking. This shoe has a round toe box, laces, and a firm heel area. We do offer thinner versions of our product that are designed to fit in a dress shoe. If you are unsure of which of your shoes feel free to bring several options to your appointment.

Where can I get Fastech foot orthotics and how long does it take?
You can find Fastech orthotics here at our Troy, MI office or at a provider near you. With an appointment at our Troy office, you will leave with your orthotic in 30 minutes or less. With the Fastech system, it takes less time to have your custom orthotics or insoles made. The Fastech molding process will only require 5 minutes of your time. Some of our providers will be able to complete your orthotic in just 30 minutes while our other providers will need to send in your mold for completion. This will require some additional time, but a fast and efficient turn around is assured.  



What do I need to bring for an appointment?

Our suggestion is to bring two pairs of shoes to your appointment, but feel free to bring in as many as you would like! We recommend bringing at least one pair of shoes that you like to wear and a pair of shoes you have to wear. We will work with you to make sure that you leave with the foot support you need!



How can I make an appointment at Fastech Labs?
If you are interested in getting custom Fastech Orthotics, simply call 1 (800) 351-FOOT to schedule an appointment. If you are not able to travel to Fastech for an appointment give us a call and we will help you find a provider near you!

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