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Fastech has always prided itself in the fact that we have developed a product that can truly help others. For years now, we have been providing the best to the best, all while making some great friends along the way.


Take a look below to meet just a few of our great Friends of Fastech! 


David Verburg
2016 US Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter

Felt great!! Really helped with the fatigue factor, and took a lot of the stress and pounding off of my feet...

I love them!!!


Alan Trammell
Hall of Fame Detroit Tiger

I wouldn't pick any product but Fastech!


Michael Gross, PhD
Human Movement Science

"We continue to be amazed at how successful we are in managing lower quarter musculoskeletal problems related to foot mechanics. Your system of in-house foot orthotic fabrication has enabled us to produce a quality custom orthotic that is easily modified."

Mardy Fish
Tennis Pro, Former #1 in US

The Fastech custom foot orthotics have been a great help, I appreciate the excellent product and service.

Clint Verran
MPT, Top 10 Boston Marathoner

As a member of the US Team for World Championships and a practicing physical therapist, I see great value in the Fastech products for all levels of athletes. The orthotics can be problem preventing as well as problem solving. They are easy to use and bring positive results.

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