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Fastech is a family based company, that strives to always supply the best products at the best prices. It’s important to us that everyone gets to feel the benefits of proper foot support. We work with everyone from the best professional sports and NCAA teams, to your local chiropractor and physical therapist, right down to the individuals here in our office in Troy, MI.

While we were originally founded to help sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers to solve foot support and performance problems for the athlete, you don’t have to be a pro athlete, be injured, or experiencing foot pain to benefit from our orthotics and insoles everyone can benefit from proper foot support. The Fastech direct-mold process makes orthotics quicker and less expensive than traditional methods. This process has proven very successful and is still the most efficient and reliable system on the market. The success of our orthotics has been substantiated with several technical articles, most recently being part of a study at the Boston University School of Medicine.

We are so grateful for all of our providers and patrons over the past 30 years who have helped us constantly raise the bar. We do all we can to make sure you are all putting your best foot forward.

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Fastech was founded in 1989 by a little known pioneer who first joined the foot support industry at the retail ski shop he founded with his wife in the late 1970’s. Both avid skiers, they were always looking for ways to better their times and to better serve their customers. It was there that the Fastech direct-mold pillow system was born creating a quick and easy method to make custom footbeds that not only made skiers more comfortable but also faster.  Soon after, he quickly realized how the rest of the world could also benefit from the foot support the system provided.


After extensive training in the design and application of prescription footwear and custom foot orthotics, our pioneer opened the first retail store in the US exclusively for custom foot support using the Fastech Direct Mold Pillow System. Building on the 30 years of dedication and experience from that day in 1989, Fastech continues to introduce new, innovative products and solutions helping individuals experience a better quality of life, better performance, with less pain each and every day.

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