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What is the Fastech difference?

Fastech has always stood above the rest because of our innovative and simple direct-mold system. Unlike others in the industry that rely on plaster casts, impression foam, or expensive scanners we choose to work directly with the foot. Giving everyone the opportunity to experience the benefits of proper foot support is important to us. That is why we created a system for providers that is quick, easy to learn, profitable, and requires minimal space to help ensure everyone gets to feel the Fastech difference.


So, what is the Fastech system?

Fastech developed a direct-mold pillow system that allows our providers to work directly with their patient or athlete's foot, you won’t find any plaster casts or expensive scanners here! A Fastech orthotic begins with a Fastech "blank" which comes in a variety of styles to best suit your patient’s specific needs. After the blank is heated it is placed on the direct-mold pillow system, and with your help, the patient’s foot is guided onto the blank and held in a neutral position. This allows for the orthotic to take shape while the foot is kept in the proper biomechanical alignment. Working directly with the foot ensures that every foot is supported exactly where it needs to be, every time.

How long does it take to make a Fastech orthotic?

The molding process is incredibly fast, taking only 5 minutes to create a mold. This mold can be sent to our office for completion using our FastStart system or if you are one of our Full Orthotic System providers you can complete the entire orthotic start to finish in 30 minutes or less onsite.


Can Fastech Orthotics be billed to a patient’s insurance?

The answer here is, sometimes. It is important for you and your patient to check with their provider first, as orthotics are often not covered by insurance. You will find that some insurance providers in your region do cover orthotics. You want to make sure your patient’s who have orthotic coverage know they have the option to get them at your facility!


How much room does the Fastech system require?

The Fastech system is quite compact which makes it the perfect option for any facility. It only requires a small table and room for our molding pillow. Check out our equipment page to see our pillow system options, and decide which one works best for you.


Is the Fastech system easy to use?

The Fastech system is easy to use and anyone at your facility can be trained how to use it! We offer all initial and follow-up training at no charge. If you have any questions or need some extra support feel free to call 1(800) 351-FOOT.

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