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The Fastech direct-mold pillow system is the backbone of all of our custom products. Our pillow system allows you to work directly with each foot to ensure a 100% custom fit. Unlike other time consuming, messy, or expensive processes, our system can produce a custom orthotic in just 30 minutes.

Since our orthotics are cost-effective to produce they are a great source of savings for athletic programs or revenue for those running their own facility. Since we manufacture of all of our products we are able to answer any of your questions and address specific needs from our office.

Fastech Fully Functional Orthotic
  • Requires very little time and space

  • User friendly system

  • Excellent source of revenue

  • Savings for your facility

  • Initial and ongoing training included

  • The only orthotic with a 100% success rate

  • Quality product made from the most supportive & shock absorbing materials

  • Mold & dispense a custom product in one visit


The Full Orthotic Program includes all of the equipment, materials, and training needed to produce and dispense a custom orthotic in your facility in just one visit.

Start-up includes: 

Fastech Pillow Molding System




The secret to our unique direct mold process

Want to start using the Full Orthotic Program at your facility?

Give us a call at 1 (800) 351-FOOT or click to fill out the form below.

Love the Fastech system but don’t have the time or staff to finish the orthotic in-house?

                                                  Try our

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