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Can a skier benefit from using a custom insole?


Yes, everyone can benefit from a more supportive ski boot. Research shows that 80% of the population has some lower extremity or foot abnormality which could cause problems in skiing performance or comfort. Virtually all skiers will be more comfortable and will experience better control because all voids beneath the foot sole are filled.



What do custom insoles actually do?


Custom insoles provide foot stability and improve power transfer from the foot to ski. When the foot is aligned in the neutral position all the joints function efficiently and allow for controlled skiing movement. An example of an improperly aligned foot and a common problem is an overly pronated foot. This foot collapses excessively inward. On each turn, the knee has to drive excessively inward in order to hold the ski on edge. A supported foot operates efficiently which results in less fatigue and precise power transfer from foot to ski.



There are many custom insoles on the market...what’s different about Fastech?


Most custom or comfort insoles on the market are designed simply for comfort, offering no real foot support. Many insoles made in ski shops today are being molded without taking body alignment into consideration. Fastech teaches analysis, molding, cuff and cant measurement, while using a system that allows for the fitting and manufacturing of the insole to occur in one appointment! 



I just paid $800 for my ski boots...can Fastech actually improve the fit and performance?


Although ski boot manufacturers have made advances in fit, comfort, and performance, the insole remains the weak link in ski boot design. Most ski boot insoles are nothing more than low-density foam inserts that do little to provide foot stability. Since each foot is unique it is impossible to mass produce a liner that suits everyone. This explains why the insole of a $250 boot is often the same as an insole of an $800 boot. The arch support that comes from a custom insole creates a quicker and more precise power transfer from foot to ski which helps minimize fatigue and increase performance.

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