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Fastech was founded at a retail ski shop so putting out high quality, performance enhancing ski products has been our goal since day one. We also offer a variety of ski add-ons like heel lifts.


If you have any questions about our products feel free to check out our Ski FAQs page for more information!

Skiing in Fastech

Our Custom Ski Insoles, are made to fit perfectly with your foot and boot to improve performance. Each ski blank consists of three unique layers:


Each blank is topped with our X-Static fabric, that helps keep your feet warm while wicking away moisture.


This layer of Poron reduces shock and adds cushion that is sure to make each trip down the slope more comfortable.


When heated this rigid layer becomes flexible to mold perfectly to any foot. In a ski boot, this extra support makes  turns easier, for a smoother ride.

Our Premold Ski Insole is designed to replace the insert that comes standard in most ski boots. The insole will help reduce shock and improve your rearfoot motion control, to make each ride down the slope more comfortable.

Fastech Performance Ski S'Port Insole

Stock boot insoles are almost always substandard, even in the most expensive boots.  Experts agree, the most important piece of ski or snowboard equipment is a properly fitted boot. This can only happen with a properly supported foot!  Fastech's performance Ski S'port footbed, with the Wedge Technology™ provides the missing link to boot fitting.



Ski Insole

Want to use Fastech Ski & Snowsport products on your next epic ski trip?

Give us a call at 1 (800) 351-FOOT or click to fill out the form below.

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